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June 2020 Archives

Underride collisions with trucks prove deadly

As the state capital and South Carolina’s second-largest city, Columbia remains an economic hub. With three major interstate highways in the area, motorists share the roads with many big-rig trucks hauling freight from coast to coast. Road safety is essential with these colossal 18-wheelers. After all, if you get into an accident with one, the odds just are not in your favor, especially in “underride collisions.”

The steps you must take after a car accident

Crash! And it was no fender-bender. This was not supposed to happen on your commute to work. But now that you are in the middle of a three-vehicle accident, you cannot be passive. Yes, you are going have to let the boss know you will be late, but your priorities are making sure you and other drivers are OK and to gather as much accident-related information and details as possible.

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