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How do I file a claim after an accident?

Getting into a car accident, whether it was serious or not, can leave you stunned. You or the other driver could sustain severe injuries even if the accident seemed minor. A long-lasting injury may lead to a pile of medical bills and the possibility of missing work. To help pay for your bills and lost wages, you could consider filing an insurance claim for the collision.

Four steps to begin the claims process

Immediately after the crash, you should seek medical attention. Even if you think nothing is wrong, there might be serious underlying issues. After assessing whether to seek medical care or not, consider taking the following steps to file your claim:

  • Call 911: Having the police on the scene is a great way to ensure all evidence is documented. The officers will likely create their own report of the accident, which may be beneficial when notifying your insurance carrier.
  • Create an official report: Depending on the extent of the damage, or injuries you suffered, you may need to create your own report by contacting the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • Gather evidence from the scene: Even if you already called the police to investigate the accident, it may still be beneficial to write down your own notes. Taking note of crucial information can help you later in this process.
  • Notify the insurance agent: After compiling your evidence, notifying your insurance carrier about the accident may be your next step. They will most likely ask for any pertinent information you have and provide recommendations on what subsequent actions you should take.

After initially informing your insurance agent about the accident, you may have more conversations with them about fixing any damage to your car and completing the claims process. If you need any further guidance in this situation, contacting an experienced attorney can provide you with additional help.

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