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DessausureOur firm follows a very direct practice philosophy: People want to be treated like people, not like a number. We find very often that many legal disputes arise from the fact that someone has tried to treat our client like a number instead of as a person.

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For that reason, we emphasize personalized service at The Dessausure Law Firm that stems from our Columbia attorney's own history. Tony Dessausure is a native of Columbia and understands the importance of person-to-person interaction. It is this kind of personal, one-to-one interaction that makes fighting to protect a client's rights so rewarding in the first place.

As an experienced attorney, Attorney Dessausure knows well that whatever the legal issues — whether they involve personal injury, insurance disputes, medical malpractice or criminal defense — it all comes down to personal relationships. As a result, our firm places a particular focus on nurturing and sustaining the basic attorney-client relationship. In doing so, we maximize the likelihood of legal success.

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