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The catastrophic injuries that often arise out of trucking accidents result in seemingly insurmountable costs and expenses for our clients. We work collaboratively with all of our clients to hold those parties accountable that caused our clients' injuries.

While we cannot turn back the clock, we will work hard on your behalf to move your life forward. In many cases, we can help you recover injury-related costs and expenses, not just now but in the future. We will help you protect your rights and understand what you should do if you have been involved in a trucking accident.

Unlike many automobile accident injury cases, trucking accident injury cases involve corporations and various industry practices. These complicating factors mean that you want a lawyer on your side who already understands many of these practices. You want Attorney Tony Dessausure.

Columbia Truck Accident Attorney

The experienced Dessausure Law Firm knows how to gather the right evidence in these cases, including trucking logs, black box data and truck maintenance records. These records can often help our clients hold trucking companies responsible for the expenses that arise out of the trucking accident injury that our clients now need to meet.

Despite the complicated facts involved in these cases, we work diligently to ensure that nobody loses sight of our clients. We oversee the matter through from beginning to end. Our clients deserve the best possible outcomes.

Sumter Trucking Injury Attorney

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