Aggressive Columbia Criminal Defense Attorney

Unfortunately, we all know or have known friends or family members who have had criminal charges. In those situations, we want our friends or family members to get the help they need in order to be treated fairly by the legal system. This means seeking out professional legal guidance.

Our firm knows how our clients and their families feel. Therefore, our entire legal team stands committed to the rights of our clients.

The firm investigates each matter for itself. We gather the evidence the state has against you and determine for ourselves how to attack it.

In doing so, we apprise our clients of all of their legal options. Our firm offers candid and frank advice so clients know exactly where their cases stand and what options are available to them. With our assistance, clients can make confident choices about their futures.

Knowledgeable Drug Charge Attorney: Lexington And All Of The Columbia, South Carolina, Metro Area

We have provided legal guidance to clients facing a wide variety of difficult criminal charges, including:

  • Felonies
  • White collar crimes
  • State charges
  • Misdemeanors
  • Federal charges
  • Juvenile offenses

The Dessausure Law Firm has represented clients in juvenile matters, driving matters, assault and battery, burglary, theft, bank robbery, probation and parole violations, murders and other matters. The Dessausure Law Firm will zealously advocate for you in criminal court.

Experienced Columbia Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Entire Area

Schedule an initial consultation with our firm's lawyer by calling 803-771-0042 or 866-994-0042. You can also make an appointment by contacting our South Carolina firm's lawyer online. All conversations between potential clients and our firm remain entirely confidential.